Reel Treasure St Augustine

House Rules

Strict House Rules

Minimum age of primary renter: 30

Check in after: 4:00 PM

Check out before: 10:00 AM

Children Allowed

No Smoking

No Events

No Pets

Full payment due at booking. 


Must provide photo ID of primary renter within 48 hours of booking confirmation (per our municipal regulations) or reservation will be canceled. 

Uploaded while signing rental agreement after reservation confirmed (please do not provide before reservation confirmed). 

Per our listing description, Required: $1500 refundable security deposit hold, Signed rental agreement and Photo Id of primary renter, complete names of all adults on reservation and number and ages of children under 18, totaling no more than 8 people including any children, all to be provided within 48 hrs of reservation confirmation. (You will supply this information when signing rental agreement). 

(Security Deposit: we will place an automatic hold on your credit card 2 days prior to arrival and release 7 days after arrival if no charges withheld. )


NO SMOKING of any substance permitted in the house or on the premises. Immediate cancellation without refund for non-compliance or forfeiture of your security deposit as well as any other necessary fees to rid our home of odors and litter.


For Insurance, liability purposes as well as local occupancy rules, only the guests on your reservation are allowed on the property at any time. This includes visitors during the day. We take this very seriously and your reservation will be immediately cancelled and no refunds given for non-compliance. 


10:00PM – 8:00AM 

Our home is in a residential neighborhood so please be respectful of our neighbors and no loud music or loud talking after 10:00pm. We want you to have fun and enjoy our amenities, while still being good neighbors. Please just keep outdoor activities very low key after 10:00pm.


There is a $250 per week extra charge to heat the pool November 1 through March 1, or $35 per night for reservations that are shorter than one week (we cannot heat for partial days of your reservation). We do not charge extra just to heat the spa during these months. You can wait to decide until the week before your reservation and we can handle the charges then. 


Pets are not permitted. $500 FEE and cancellation of your reservation without refund for bringing an unauthorized pet. 


As mentioned in our listing we do have security cameras on the exterior only (front and rear) of our home as well as a security doorbell. The only one that has sound capability activated is the doorbell. We do not monitor these cameras after you have arrived except for safety purposes only and for ensuring adherence to our occupancy and house rules. Absolutely no cameras are anywhere inside the house. Turning off or manipulating the cameras, WiFi or security system will result in immediate termination of your reservation without refund. 


Boat length limited to 20 feet. Please consult with us before planning to bring or rent a boat so we can advise on best size, maneuverability, which dock to park on etc. 

Use of boat docks, personal or rented boats are at your own risk.

Cancellation Policy:

Please review our cancellation policy as our calendar will be blocked once you make your reservation and as individual owners, we cannot afford to refund outside of our policy. 

Guest receives 97% if cancellation occurs more than 60 days before arrival; Guest receives 47% if cancellation occurs more than 30 days before arrival; No refunds within 30 days of arrival. The 3% not refunded to you is due to the payment processing fees charged at booking that are not refunded to us.

We are strongly recommending our guests purchase trip insurance due to the fluid nature of the Covid situation as well as Florida’s quirky but wonderful weather. Most policies require you purchase within a certain timeframe of making your reservation. (CFAR type insurance is the most inclusive “cancel for any reason”)

You will be offered to purchase trip insurance after your reservation is complete by our channel manager which you can accept or decline and you are also welcome to shop around and purchase elsewhere. The travel insurance offered is from a third party insurer and is in no way recommended, affiliated with or provided by us. 

We can not give a refund for Covid, other illness, funerals, bad weather and any other unexpected occurrence that are out of both of our control, therefore we strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance. 

*** Hurricane season is June-November every year. We especially encourage purchasing travel insurance for your trip if your reservation falls within these dates as we can only refund if there is an official, mandatory evacuation (not a state of emergency) called for the island. ***

Cleaning Practices

  • Cleaned with disinfectant
  • All towels and bedding washed in hot water that’s at least 60ºC/140ºF
  • Check in and check out with no person-to-person contact
  • High-touch surfaces cleaned with disinfectant (like countertops, light switches, handles, and faucets)

Cancellation Policy

  • 97% refund if you cancel at least 60 days before check-in.
  • 47% refund if you cancel at least 30 days before check-in.
  • No refund if you cancel less than 30 days before check-in.

Additional Notes: Peak weekends may require a 3 or 4 night minimum. This includes summer, fall, holidays, and special events.

Weekly rates vary, depending on season.

Check-in Policy

 We are looking forward to your visit. Our official check-in time is 4:00 pm. Since our home is self-check-in, you can arrive whenever is convenient for you. Please let me know if y’all will be late so I can ask the cleaners to make sure the lights are on.

Due to back to back bookings in May-September, your code will begin working at 4:00 pm on your check-in day. The entire time is needed for cleaning and repairs and we are unable to grant early check-in during these months.

Front Door

We have a smart lock and your code is the last 4 digits of the phone number on your reservation.

To enter:

-Touch screen does lights up

-Put in your code and LONG press the “unlock” picture -door unlocks

When leaving the house:

-Press and hold the picture of the lock to lock -listen for it to lock When inside house:

-The door will auto-lock after 2 minutes.

-To unlock the door, turn the knob to the left and then let it lock back on its own.

Garage Although we do not permit parking in the garage, if you would like to use this as your entrance and exit for the house, you may do so, we will message you the codes to access.

The beach buggy, chairs, and floats for the pool are also stored in the garage.

*Please read this entire message and house manual as they both have lots of useful information including, trash pickup, pool maintenance, and how to use the spa.*


The pool will lose water to evaporation and use. Please pay attention to the water level and if it gets below about 2/3 down the tile, the pump will begin to blow air and will burn up over a short period of time. Please fill the pool using the small hose by the outdoor shower. Pull it over to the pool and have it above the water for filling. The filling usually takes about 3 hrs. If it is submerged, it will take much longer to fill. I usually set a timer on my phone or simply do it while we are using the pool. The pool will not overflow so do not stress about this.

*The pool cleaners come on Tuesdays. Please allow them to get it done quickly and heed any time limits they may give regarding the time that’s safe to re-enter the pool. It is usually no longer than an hour but usually less.


Please , Please, Please rinse your feet (and entire body if covered in heavy sunscreen or sand) before entering the pool. This is what the outdoor shower is for and it does have hot water. I know this seems redundant, but it’s very important. With high use, sunscreens and sand, the pool will not remain at optimal chemical levels or filtering capacity when overwhelmed with these things. Sand and heavy sunscreens especially will clog the filter. The pool cleaners clean the filter every week but if they have to make an extra trip during your stay (filter or pump clogged), there is an extra $100 fee for this service. Please know that we are not at all asking you not to wear sunscreen. We just ask that you be mindful of the amount and type you are using while using the pool. And obviously, please do not use the pool to rinse your feet😭. You will know the filter is clogged if the aeration to the spa becomes weak.


Our home is in a residential neighborhood so please be respectful of our neighbors and no loud music or loud talking after 10:00 pm.


Feel free to use the floats, fishing rods, beach chairs, coolers that are in the garage. We do ask that you rinse them and return them the way you found them before you leave. Use of pool, spa, bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards at your own risk. Life jackets must be worn when using kayaks and/or paddleboards and helmets when using bikes.

No Pets

*Pets are not permitted. $500 FEE and cancellation of your reservation without refund.

No Smoking

*Absolutely no smoking of any substance on the premises.


As mentioned in our listing we do have security cameras on the outside only and a security doorbell. The only one that has sound capability activated is the doorbell. We do not monitor these cameras after you have arrived. These are for safety purposes only and for ensuring adherence to our occupancy rules. Absolutely no cameras are anywhere inside the house. Turning off or manipulating the WiFi or security system will result in automatic termination of your reservation without refund.


They come very early on Monday morning. Please roll the cans out to the street on Sunday afternoon/evening and bring them back to their pad on Monday afternoon. The garbage usually picks up around 4:00 am and recycles around midday on Monday.

Departure Policy



Please do not waste your last night of vacation with any excess washing and cleaning etc. Please soak up every last minute of this time with your family. Just basic pickup, cleaning out the fridge, taking out the trash, loading the dishwasher, and starting it as you’re walking out the door is all we request.

Also if you could, please refill the pool when you wake up and just make sure whatever linens and bath/pool/beach towels that were used are obvious so our cleaner knows to wash and prepare for our next guests. 

When departing, please leave premises in clean condition and comply with the following. Note we are firm on the 10 am checkout time unless other arrangements were made.

All food removed from refrigerator and cabinets.  

Sink clear/dishes loaded into dishwasher (turn on).

Trash removed and placed in trash cans

Refill the pool when you wake up

  Beds stripped and linens/towels placed in in laundry room. Please start a load of linens.

Thermostat at 63/winter and 83/summer. Fan on AUTO.

Place used linens, bath/pool/beach towels on the floors in the rooms used

Last thing — look around….did you pack everything?*

Did you get your DVDs out of the player?  Phone chargers? Beats speakers? Medicine in bathroom drawers?  Clothing out of the drawers/dryer? Fencing sticks in the corner? Special soccer ball from grandma? Your favorite jeans, ball caps, Ninja blender…the list goes on and on – all of these items and more have been left behind. 

Due to the increasing number of requests to ship forgotten items, we have implemented a $25 handling fee plus postage/materials for left behind items. We need to compensate our property manager for her time and expense to pack the items and make the trip to the post office. We agree this is not a bargain but it is a real hassle to deal with leave-behinds. The easiest thing is to just take everything with you!

We are extremely grateful that you chose Reel Treasure St Augustine! We look forward to hosting you.  

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